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7 Ecommerce Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

With the commencement of 2018, e-commerce ticks another year off its calendar, and with that it bids farewell to the trends of last year. In the world of web development and e-commerce, the trends change with each tick of the clock. New innovations get patented every minute of the day, and the evolution of web continues.

The constant onslaught of newer updates and trends hitting the market may seem confusing and anxiety provoking but the excitement is justified. The e-commerce sales surpassed a whopping 1.86 trillion US dollars worldwide in 2016, and are expected to cross 4.48 trillion US dollars by 2021!

The ecommerce development in Dubai has reached massive heights in terms of tech growth and innovations introduced into everyday life. User expectations have risen to the point where even general population has their eyes set on tech giants to be aware of ways they can enhance their lives through. 

With consumer expectations at an all-time high, it is even more critical to design and create digital experiences that are seamless, intuitive, engaging, and inspiring. Keeping that in mind, we have assembled a list of 7 trends to watch out for in 2018:

Enhanced User Experience

As stated above, consumers are getting in-line with the endless possibilities technology has to offer to them. The amplified awareness has raised the bar of expectations, having them search for digital experiences that meet those.

The customers seek a bug-free, neat, and interactive web design that smoothly runs the shopping experience. They expect the website to project sales and offers based on their past preferences and to know their shopping patterns.

Make sure that you have a neat and precise web design, that your sales and refund policies are clearly stated, and that you are suggesting your customers the right products at the right time.

Faster Shipments

Nobody wants to sit near their door for days waiting for their ordered goods to arrive! Work on your shipment process and have it as efficiently in place as possible.

Remember that your customer expects their bought products to be shipped the moment they place order confirmation. With this in mind, 2018 is expected to witness a revolution of drone delivery services. First introduced by e-commerce giants Amazon, more companies like DHL and UPS are following suit.

Voicing it

With Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant prevailing everywhere these days, it is only a matter of time before they take over the e-commerce world as well.

The voice search and checkout feature is actually in testing phases in many e-commerce retailers and 2018 might be the year when we can finally let our voices command our shopping experiences. The voice-feature is bound to make the user experience more friendly, hassle-free, and convenient.

The World of AI

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly catching momentum and attention of almost all industries. The phenomenon is just as enthralling as it is scary.

By the end of this year, the experts are predicting a demise of customer service departments, and an overpowering rise of chatbots. These AI powered bots will be able to guide customers throughout their shopping experience, providing assistance wherever required. The bots will be better able to assess cart abandonment behavior and analyze solutions out of it.

AR Follows Suit

Artificial Intelligence often walks hand in hand with Augmented Reality and that is what’s expected to happen in the world of e-commerce.

AR will gear towards making interactions faster and more integrative, providing focus on product application and uses. AR will superimpose the image of the product on the image of the area it’s supposed to be placed in. For example a table that you can virtually move around while looking at your room through your phone’s camera.


Consumers spend more time today on their social media sites than any other. This creates a perfect opportunity for e-commerce retailers to build their presence where it’ll cause greater impact.

Target your audience through algorithms of your consumers’ social media platforms. Build a shopping scenario in an unlikely situation. Showcase your products depending upon the consumer’s preference without them realizing it!

Concluding Remarks

E-commerce development in Dubai and world-over has significantly increased momentum and will continue to evolve and gain popularity. It is better to stay in the loop of things and joining the bandwagon. Build an interesting, interactive, and engaging website that aims towards solving all customer queries automatically. Keep working on enhancing your web design and let it evolve with time!

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Step By Step Guide To Design A Perfect Website

Do you want to make your website look perfect and attractive? Well, you need to take care of different aspects if you are up to it. An interactive, excellent and stunning website is built when you take care of its design first up. Yes, the design is a first and most important aspect that should be kept in consideration for a supreme website.

Why is design important?

The design is the most important thing that must attract your visitors. If your website design is not up to the mark and it’s badly built, then it wouldn’t help you in the conversions. That’s why it’s critically necessary to understand the importance of a design to achieve worthwhile business benefits. In Dubai web design companies are in numbers, you could also avail their online services in this particular regard. Following is the right and step by step guide that one must follow to design a perfect website.


Nothing good happens in this world without proper strategy. You must strategize right at the beginning if you want to make your business succeed. As far as the strategy of web-designing is concerned, within the strategy phase, you have to take care of different other things as well, which are as follows.

Your Target Market

Which market are you targeting? What is that others do in the same market? How are they targeting the customers? What is that you could do better than them? Take a look at all these aspects and make your paper plan accordingly to make you look different and stand out in the crowd.

Study Your Competitors

Who are your competitors? How are they working? Why are they well-known? How are they fulfilling market demands effectively? Take a look at all these necessary things regarding your competitors. Once you have done all your homework in this particular regard, you could work out plans to become different and better than them.

Defining Brand Identity

How could you define your brand in a set of words, not sentences? This is now really crucial things. You have to use minimal words to make people understand your brand identity. This is a hard part, and you need to spend ample time on it, to come up with something stunning. The Dubai web design company is well known for expert advice to turn your website design into your brand’s identity.

Approaching Design

Now when you have done all the necessary R&D for your business, the next step is to take a step further towards your website design. You are in a good position now to think about the design and make things happen. How to approach design now? Let’s talk about it in detail.

Choosing Template

Pick a template of already designed and developed website. That can help you a great deal because when an example is in front of you, it would be easy for you to think of the sections and parts you need. This is the best approach one could adopt.

Customizing Template

The next step is to customize the template you picked already. You already removed those sections that you don’t need. You already added those sections that you need in your website. Now, it’s time to customize all the features appropriately to come up with your own website’s design.

Look and Colors

The look that’s often called the user interface is the most crucial part. If your site’s user interface is not good, then it’s not as such beneficial in helping you make conversions. Set the colors that you like, but make sure they attract your visitors and stand supportive of your business type.


Once you are done with both strategizing the main aspects of your website and its design, the next step is the development phase. You have a lot of options for the development, such as WordPress, PHP, HTML and others. If is totally up to you, what you prefer. But whatever you use, make sure it helps you meet your requirements well. Website design company in Dubai could help you a lot for that because they are experienced, and they are aware of the best frameworks for each requirement.

Ecommerce Solutions in 2018, What You Need To Know?


Ecommerce is on the verge of making massive strides such as content that more customer centric and designs that are further data driven. Content of course remains the undisputed king with heavy mandate.

Mobile Shopping, the next big thing!

Ecommerce Solutions in 2018, What You Need To Know | Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

Buying through mobile is becoming a routine thing; the transaction span could be any, i.e. starting from few bucks it could end up in some massive brackets. Expert researchers focusing on this domain are confident that sales will have easily crossed the threshold of USD 370 billion during the first quarter of 2018.

Other unavoidable role players:

Not to forget the stunning roles played already by elite trends like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence that has already created a splash. No wonder why statisticians are so excited and hopeful for optimistic results coming online shopping industry way.

So what to expect?

Let’s have a look at some of the existing and upcoming trends that will be shaping things for ecommerce solutions Dubai oriented practices:

  • Shopping experiences will turn out to be further personalized and to the point with the help of AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Things are going to fall in meaningful zones when it comes to shopping experiences as the influx of technologies like VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) are changing the entire course of the game.
  • With smart, efficient, accurate and reliable conversational interfaces becoming a norm, the need for customer service representatives will start becoming dimmer.
  • No matter what it is that one may need, buying it through mobile commerce won’t be a problem, so fasten your seatbelt as this is going to be the new norm in 2018.
  • Exceptions will turn it proper rules, a good example here would be of data analytics as they will be treated as a set standard.


To recap, projections that are on their way to become reality and shape up the world of ecommerce solutions Dubai in 2018, one must focus on Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality and Augmented Reality so as to ensure that business process are improved and made specific.

Personalised buying experiences is what actually the future, i.e. customers won’t have time to roam about and stay for longer period of times assuming what they shall be doing.

With an era that is going to be dominated by advanced technologies like machine learning, things will become easier for the buyers when it comes to make up their mind and get hand on the right and required products and services.

Use Less Website Design For Use Less SEO Campaigns


Hold on! Hold On! That’s not what I meant to say. I know you too may have been deceived by the title. Let me explain the whole idea and help you back on track and that track would be right for sure, I can guarantee you that.

No matter which part of the world it is, if the markets are dynamic in nature, you will need to ensure that you stay on top of the proceedings and do get carried away just because you may be going through added pressures.

7 core pillars of a minimalist, simple and to the point website:

A good example here would be Dubai, a city that never sleeps and markets here are never short of expectations and demands. If operating online here in UAE markets, you simply would need to get hands on website design Dubai oriented solution that are focus on “Less is more” ideology, following are some core areas you must consider before pulling the trigger:

  • Negative Space
  • Vivid and large photography
  • Dramatic Typography
  • Appealing contrast
  • Stupidly easy navigation
  • Harmony that is visual
  • Flat design evolved.

Remember, you simply cannot exaggerate things, falling for anything and everything will not help the cause and things may look cluttered.

Time to market what have been designed:

Once you are certain that you have got one of the easiest most website that is friendly to all, you will need to apply the same “use less” approach, it would be better if you can find a reliable, up-to-date and experienced SEO company Dubai that can help you in crossing this tricky bridge in a safe and sound passion.

Ok, let me clear it, when I say “use less” it is to nothing much but to create that hype that will push you towards the reading zones.

Because we at times tend to miss out on the necessary information just because we skip the reading phase, remember, there is nothing like the joy of carrying out a highly sensitive task in a known passion.

SEO tips that simply cannot be skipped!

  • Further prominence will be gained by social content, work on it.
  • Don’t ignore the significance of videos, they are here to rule!
  • Mobile optimization has become ever so important and crucial.
  • Don’t tell me you still are skipping the idea of voice search function!
  • Better and bigger content aggregation is on its way.
  • Mobile apps craze, up – up and away, not coming down!
  • Local SEO to become further dominant!

Finishing Lines:

Anything apart from that will come under the umbrella of exaggeration. Avoid it and stick to the basics, the future will belong you and you will find it easy to improve growth and conversion graph. Anything apart from that would be classified by me as “fables”.


Search Engine Optimization Is Lifeline For Small Businesses

The enigmatic world of online marketing:

The scope and potential of online business is no more a hidden fact. Businesses are realizing the need to devise robust platforms for customer engagement. This is a war. Seriously every business wants to land on the first page of Google. Why is that? Because if you don’t then your impression is lost somewhere.

The customer is seeking for relevant information for their problem. Keyword search is something that helps the business to leverage its visibility. In case you are running a small to medium sized business then the value of optimization is second to none. There is always something new to learn about the customer segments.

Big opportunity for small business:

Entrepreneurs are highly charged individuals but they may lack the experience to start a new venture. It is perfectly alright to make mistakes and learn from them. But every mistake has a cost. In the realm of setting up new venture impending failure is looming around if the resources are not diligently allocated. How people interact in the virtual medium is an important area that entrepreneurs must understand.

Search Engine optimization has blossomed as a distinctive sphere of influence for the marketers. But it is just a tool; eventually you have to devise a dedicated plan to accumulate the best out of it. For entrepreneurs the foremost desire is business visibility. How frequently do you appear on the initial page of search engine?

Imagine people search for information using differentiated keywords; each time they look for something the name of your business is shown. You cannot possibly believe how much value is added to your business presence. The level of engagement is probably the start of a long term relationship. How efficiently do you foster relationship with the customer segments?  You must be obsessed with the visitors, any idea why? Google is passionate about knowing how frequently people visit a particular website. Being part of a business fraternity is never stress-free. For small business laidback approach may be detrimental. SEO can make the small business tough and independent.

Content will always rule the roost no matter what:

The different mediums utilized for content must be engaging since online medium will punish your inconsistencies. As an entrepreneur the benefits of SEO can be truly amazing. But the quality must be intact. SEO is not a routine procedure that must be followed. It should be a source of stimulating the customers to call to action. Cheap techniques will produce cheap results, entrepreneurs must be aware of it.

An efficiently deployed SEO procedure is all likely to provide better visibility and even out the competition. A new business can never dream of competing against the established players. In effect SEO is a strategy that is employed in the long run. Many small business have limited resources to promote their brand. SEO is the bridge that can connect the business with the prospective customer segments. Your patience will be tested. No matter at least the return on investment is going to be firm.

Every move must make some contribution:

With changing times the priorities of customers have changed. This changing landscape has ushered a wave of online businesses. Yours is one of them. But notice not every business succeed. There could be variety of aspects. One main reason that I envisage is the inability of the business to be accessible to people. You guessed me right. The business is not appropriately connecting its unique value proposition with what the customers’ inquiries. How can you perceive and discover the optimization process is the launching pad for devising an efficient digital strategy.

SEO services Dubai approve the continuity of connectivity that online businesses must adhere to. What is important to envisage is whether the business qualify as reliable or not? Massive revenues are waiting to be tapped in. Do you have what it takes to unlock the potential of online business? All you need to do is consistently connect with customers through content that is notable.

SEO can serve as a driving force to make your brand a powerhouse. There was never an effortless way of promoting the essence of business. Fortunately you have one now in the form of search engine optimization. If visitors like the way you engage brace for more in future. The specialist support and control required in maintaining an online relationship with customer will determine how you will perform in the future.

Why SEO Strategy Is Important For Your Business?

SEO is the methodology to increase your website’s organic search engine results to increase the relevant traffic to your website. By bringing increased organic and relevant traffic to your website, you can increase your sales. In the online business market, it is really important to organize a proper SEO strategy to become successful and beat your competitors.

There are a lot of benefits a proper SEO strategy could provide you. The final benefit you get from this approach is, “Profit”. In Dubai, you can find many firms offering services for search engine optimization. So to achieve worthwhile, long-lasting benefits with proper strategy you can opt service of the SEO services Dubai.

Increase Quality Traffic:

A proper search engine optimization strategy helps you increase quality traffic to your website. In the online business market, the traffic to your site is what matters the most. So ultimately with proper strategy and approach you could achieve the goal of maximum, quality and relevant traffic to your site.

Beat The Competitors:

You have thousands of competitors in the online market. That’s why, it is difficult to achieve certain goals and targets that you might have been aiming for initially. To get to the top in the search engine results, you must organize a proper search engine optimization strategy.

Increase Your Sales:

With a proper SEO strategy you are able to get a high percentage of relevant traffic to your website. Receiving high percentage of relevant traffic means, you would be able to increase your sales as well.

Increase in Profits:

The increase in sales eventually becomes a reason of increased profits. Once you start selling more, you start earning more revenues, means you begin to significantly increase your profits as well.

Brand Identity:

When your website is in the top searches on the search engines. The audiences come to know about your business and its services. With the passage of time when more and more people keep viewing it in the top searches, it starts establishing your brand identity. Hence, your business gradually starts getting recognized as a brand which is a great value for you.


The SEO strategy is really important for the sake of a business success. In the online business market, you can’t reach the height of success without search engine optimization. Even for the sake of corporate identity Dubai and in other territories of the UAE, a properly organized SEO strategy for the businesses could be of hugely worthwhile for them.

How To Convert Your Ecommerce Store Into A Well-Known Brand?

In the last decade, the ecommerce business has been able to flourish a lot. Copycatting each other, the development of the stores kept on increasing and expanding. Thus, now we can witness that there are hundreds of online ecommerce stores. Some of them are big and some are the smaller ones. As far as the popularity is concerned, there are only some of them which are the well-known ones.

The ecommerce solutions have also expanded a lot with the passage of time. These stores could be set up using WordPress, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce etc. There are numerous companies offering affordable ecommerce solutions Dubai and around the UAE. But to be successful in this niche one must make convert his store into a brand. Following are some of the strategies to convert your store into a well-known brand.

Serve Your Customers Better:

Whether someone wants to convert his store into a brand or not, it should always be the most important priority to serve the customers better. Provide them top-notch services and respect their queries. This is the basic principle which must be followed to take a step forward towards to convert your store into a well-recognized brand.

Sharing Your Story:

The “About Me” or “About Us” section of your website could be something adding value to your reputation. It gives your customers a better feeling to know about you and how you started this store. This build the reputation of your store to gradually convert it into a brand.

Never Over Promise:

Over promising could be hazardous for the cause of your company’s reputation. Never overpromise, try to keep promises to such extent which you could fulfill with 100% assurance. One of the well-known branding agency called Branding Agency Dubai also emphasizes on avoiding the over-promising behavior.

Get Feedback:

Must take the feedback of your customers about the products they purchased from your store. There must be a section where they could add reviews and ratings, so the other customers could see it. Also on the basis of those comments you would be able to either improve or enhance the quality of your services even further.

Last Word:

In this era of extreme competition where the big ecommerce giants are all around you, it is important to take the matter of branding your store seriously. That’s the only way you are going to survive and succeed. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to make a significant impact and that would become seriously hazardous for the cause of your store.

Typography And Website Design Made For Each Other


Flatter designs became further flatter after their re-birth back in 2014-15. This makeshift can be classified as the core resource for deriving the attention of experts further toward elements like typography and minimalism in the modern trends for website designing.

Today, one may come across five very common and highly used typography trends, such as:

  1. Artistic Fonts
  2. Images with superimposed typography
  3. Typefaces that are creatively used but by keeping the simplicity intact.
  4. Custom typefaces
  5. Extreme variation in size, i.e. it can be too big or too small depending on the design type.

Although one may in most cases find out that all the styles stated above are actually not utilized in lone passion, i.e. the trends utilised more in a combined passion.

What are the trends for Dubai Website Design like?

Situation here in UAE markets is not different. The developed and highly demanding nature helps it to secure a dominating position all the time.

Moving further and focus more on typographies in a continued passion, things are more of less the same here in UAE.

Extreme size:

  • One can control the influence level with ease with the help of font sizes. Trends today are for the most part floating around extreme sizes, i.e. both small and large.

Large Fonts:

They help in creating an assertive and powerful environment when it comes to broadcast the message in a unique and appealing passion.

Trends followed and associated with larger typographies float around the following guidelines:

  • Fonts that are larger than 85 Pixels
  • Extremely think strokes are applied or usually Caps (capital letters)
  • Weight and other associated elements are further focused when compared to other screen elements.

Professional web development Dubai oriented solution providers focuses on all the above approaches very closely. Other types that are considered by them are:

  • Smaller fonts
  • Superimposed with images
  • Smart and appealing utilization of plain typefaces
  • Typefaces that custom in nature
  • Fonts that are artistic

To make the most out of all the efforts made by them, they apply unique combining techniques, so that the images and typefaces used by them can easily correspond with each other. This approach helps them in broadcasting a strong message about all the products and services that are offered on one’s website.

Final Words:

Developers and designers today work in a close collaboration in order to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to the intended ultimate results. The success however lies in efforts made by one as an entrepreneur while hunting for the right and proficient solution providers in the said domains.

Shopping Now And Then: A Look Decades

Why do kids growing up in the 80’s or 90’s remember things so differently than kids who were born in the millennium? For example, me as a 90’s kid, remembers that whenever I had to buy something locally or from abroad, the maximum I did was go through a catalogue and order it through mail. Otherwise, you would go out to shops and buy things. This would be a very time consuming activity and entire evenings had to be devoted to it. Rituals such as back to school shopping or say, Eid shopping would be exciting excursions with parents. However, after the millennium our lives changed significantly. Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, access to knowledge increased, things started becoming more and more urbanized and certain things such as shopping changed meaning forever.

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

Now shopping is a whole new experience. If today I want to buy something from abroad, I go through a catalogue or their webpage but it’s all done online. I look through things and order them and pay for them online. This is the era of a new economy, known as e-commerce and it functions on different principles. How has it emerged? It came to life due to advancements in technology and the ever present quest for convenience. How did it work so well? It aims to provide all customers with an almost real life shopping experience minus the hassle of actually going to malls. It works on a 24/7 principle so you can shop at any time of the day or night, whenever you are actually free. But there are still certain things that made this work and for this purpose ecommerce solutions Dubai are sought after.

Firms that specialize in ecommerce help you figure out how to actually get started online and guide you through the important bits. For example, a very important part of websites is that the design has to be good. This includes the speed at which it works, how user friendly it is, what the navigation is like and if users are able to complete tasks on it or not. Ecommerce solutions Dubai helps you narrow down your focus as to what you want to do with your company and how to best express it. They say you only survive if you adapt to changing times. Well it is very true; in this rapidly changing environment survival of the fittest is the only way. 

The Hot And Cold Trends In 2017 Used By Web Development Companies In Dubai

If you are hunting for the right solution providers with all your online presence needs in the form of a stunning website, you will need to make sure that you are well aware of the ongoing and upcoming trends that are going to dominate this niche.

Web Development Companies in Dubai

Because you are operating in one of the world’s robust city, i.e. Dubai, your job is cut out simply and in a straightforward passion. You simply cannot afford to tamper with your business’s future by falling for fluked, weak or unreliable resources. There are many web development companies in Dubai that are ready to take you by surprise with their high-end skills and approach towards deliverance.

You will find them with ease by going for any online survey and you can do that in your spare time from the comfort of your home. At the moment will look at what’s hot, what’s not scenario so as to provide you with an insight of the right trends. This will definitely help you in making the most out of your website development goals:

What’s Hot

What’s Not


Full language Stacks



JS MV* Frameworks

JS files

CSS Frameworks

Generic CSS

Video Tags

Static Tags

Big Data – Analysis without Hadoop

Big Data With Hadoop



AI and Machine learning

Big Data


Virtual Things

Single Page web applications


Mobile web applications

Native Mobile applications

Table shared above will enable one to stay within the modern frames and not deviate from what’s on in the world online when it comes to developing a website. As stated earlier that many web development companies in Dubai are up to the set standards and fully capable of providing one with realistic, appealing and lasting solutions. Now that you know about the ongoing and latest trends, you can share your needs with the service providers in more detail and with sheer confidence.

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