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Typography And Website Design Made For Each Other

August 17, 2017


Flatter designs became further flatter after their re-birth back in 2014-15. This makeshift can be classified as the core resource for deriving the attention of experts further toward elements like typography and minimalism in the modern trends for website designing.

Today, one may come across five very common and highly used typography trends, such as:

  1. Artistic Fonts
  2. Images with superimposed typography
  3. Typefaces that are creatively used but by keeping the simplicity intact.
  4. Custom typefaces
  5. Extreme variation in size, i.e. it can be too big or too small depending on the design type.

Although one may in most cases find out that all the styles stated above are actually not utilized in lone passion, i.e. the trends utilised more in a combined passion.

What are the trends for Dubai Website Design like?

Situation here in UAE markets is not different. The developed and highly demanding nature helps it to secure a dominating position all the time.

Moving further and focus more on typographies in a continued passion, things are more of less the same here in UAE.

Extreme size:

  • One can control the influence level with ease with the help of font sizes. Trends today are for the most part floating around extreme sizes, i.e. both small and large.

Large Fonts:

They help in creating an assertive and powerful environment when it comes to broadcast the message in a unique and appealing passion.

Trends followed and associated with larger typographies float around the following guidelines:

  • Fonts that are larger than 85 Pixels
  • Extremely think strokes are applied or usually Caps (capital letters)
  • Weight and other associated elements are further focused when compared to other screen elements.

Professional web development Dubai oriented solution providers focuses on all the above approaches very closely. Other types that are considered by them are:

  • Smaller fonts
  • Superimposed with images
  • Smart and appealing utilization of plain typefaces
  • Typefaces that custom in nature
  • Fonts that are artistic

To make the most out of all the efforts made by them, they apply unique combining techniques, so that the images and typefaces used by them can easily correspond with each other. This approach helps them in broadcasting a strong message about all the products and services that are offered on one’s website.

Final Words:

Developers and designers today work in a close collaboration in order to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to the intended ultimate results. The success however lies in efforts made by one as an entrepreneur while hunting for the right and proficient solution providers in the said domains.

Shopping Now And Then: A Look Decades

July 11, 2017

Why do kids growing up in the 80’s or 90’s remember things so differently than kids who were born in the millennium? For example, me as a 90’s kid, remembers that whenever I had to buy something locally or from abroad, the maximum I did was go through a catalogue and order it through mail. Otherwise, you would go out to shops and buy things. This would be a very time consuming activity and entire evenings had to be devoted to it. Rituals such as back to school shopping or say, Eid shopping would be exciting excursions with parents. However, after the millennium our lives changed significantly. Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, access to knowledge increased, things started becoming more and more urbanized and certain things such as shopping changed meaning forever.

Ecommerce Solutions Dubai

Now shopping is a whole new experience. If today I want to buy something from abroad, I go through a catalogue or their webpage but it’s all done online. I look through things and order them and pay for them online. This is the era of a new economy, known as e-commerce and it functions on different principles. How has it emerged? It came to life due to advancements in technology and the ever present quest for convenience. How did it work so well? It aims to provide all customers with an almost real life shopping experience minus the hassle of actually going to malls. It works on a 24/7 principle so you can shop at any time of the day or night, whenever you are actually free. But there are still certain things that made this work and for this purpose ecommerce solutions Dubai are sought after.

Firms that specialize in ecommerce help you figure out how to actually get started online and guide you through the important bits. For example, a very important part of websites is that the design has to be good. This includes the speed at which it works, how user friendly it is, what the navigation is like and if users are able to complete tasks on it or not. Ecommerce solutions Dubai helps you narrow down your focus as to what you want to do with your company and how to best express it. They say you only survive if you adapt to changing times. Well it is very true; in this rapidly changing environment survival of the fittest is the only way. 

The Hot And Cold Trends In 2017 Used By Web Development Companies In Dubai

July 7, 2017

If you are hunting for the right solution providers with all your online presence needs in the form of a stunning website, you will need to make sure that you are well aware of the ongoing and upcoming trends that are going to dominate this niche.

Web Development Companies in Dubai

Because you are operating in one of the world’s robust city, i.e. Dubai, your job is cut out simply and in a straightforward passion. You simply cannot afford to tamper with your business’s future by falling for fluked, weak or unreliable resources. There are many web development companies in Dubai that are ready to take you by surprise with their high-end skills and approach towards deliverance.

You will find them with ease by going for any online survey and you can do that in your spare time from the comfort of your home. At the moment will look at what’s hot, what’s not scenario so as to provide you with an insight of the right trends. This will definitely help you in making the most out of your website development goals:

What’s Hot

What’s Not


Full language Stacks



JS MV* Frameworks

JS files

CSS Frameworks

Generic CSS

Video Tags

Static Tags

Big Data – Analysis without Hadoop

Big Data With Hadoop



AI and Machine learning

Big Data


Virtual Things

Single Page web applications


Mobile web applications

Native Mobile applications

Table shared above will enable one to stay within the modern frames and not deviate from what’s on in the world online when it comes to developing a website. As stated earlier that many web development companies in Dubai are up to the set standards and fully capable of providing one with realistic, appealing and lasting solutions. Now that you know about the ongoing and latest trends, you can share your needs with the service providers in more detail and with sheer confidence.

Mobile Web Solutions Dubai; Myth Vs. Reality!

June 22, 2017


The shifts in the world of mobile internet has opened the ways for evolutions and changed the entire approach and ways in which visitors actually are viewing one’s business website. To start with, you will need to consider the very common yet highly critical question that is heard in the modern world of online businesses i.e. is your website responsive in nature, or to make things simpler you may also hear this question in this way; is your website mobile friendly?

Web Solution Dubai

Operators performing actively in this domain in some of the highly poised markets of UAE like Dubai are keen to provide web solutions Dubai oriented practices that are smart enough to cover the needs associated with the online presence of a business from all angles.

A Myth vs. Reality:

  • I own a website: It works on my or anyone’s Smartphones, all they need to do is to zoom in, scroll sideways and find the desired areas or things. You can classify it as mobile friendly simply because it works on smartphones.

This is where many people get things wrong and in a confused passion and as a result it costs their business, clientele and any other associated stakeholders, who may start looking for alternative options.

  • Numbers Don’t Lie; 10 Seconds: Many website owners do not even know the minimum time that they need to engage their visitors before the move out of their website. The website should be multiple devices friendly so that customers can be engaged at least for 10 seconds as this will kill the threat of bounce rate.  Around 46% of visitors are those who will exit your website from the first page.

Such metrics can be improved with the help of expert web solutions Dubai approaches and implementing adequate and relevant mobile web design techniques.

The Closing Lines:

The choices and options out there are way too many, things may not be within one’s reach if one is not blessed with a perfect solution provider in the said domain, therefore, one must ensure a strong backup so as to be able to claim that his/her website too is among the best when it comes to cross browser compatibility and proper functionality on different smart devices that are used today.

Moving on with a casual approach and overlooking such significant factors may not help the cause and one may find it hard to go the distance and progress in the business world satisfactorily. 

6 Considerations For Your Ecommerce Solutions

June 8, 2017

So are you going to start an Ecommerce business that will help you generate handsome amount of money online? If yes, then you must have a feeling of mixture of different emotion including enthusiasm, uneasiness, impatience and a lot more confusion.

There are numerous decisions that the owner has to take while initiating his business. The most crucial decisions out of all are the name selection, destination for hosting and platform selection. Among them, the most confusing decision is the platform selection.

Dubai Ecommerce Solutions

Different solutions providers do exist around the world providing quality services for ecommerce stores. In a highly competitive business environment such as UAE, owners demand for minimal maintenance issues and extreme performance.

That’s where Dubai ecommerce solutions providers come with an innovative idea for the solution and deliver it.

Ecommerce Platform Selection:

As we have mentioned before, this is the most challenging and complicated step of the whole process. Countless options are available online that really make your platform selection as a challenge for you.

In order to help you select the right ecommerce platform for you, we are presenting the best criteria that can narrow down the options list and help you select the best.

Payment Options:

The selected platform must integrate well with the planned payment gateway. The platform must also be capable of supporting your country’s currency.

Design Options:

Countless designs are available online both free and paid. Review the potential cost for paid designs online. Also review the cost of hiring an external designer who can create one for you.


Security is the measures of protecting your online business against unwelcome situations including cyber-attacks. You must ensure that your platform is PCI compliant or not. It must offer SSL certificate in order to make your transaction secure enough.

Easily Created Content:

The chosen ecommerce platform must meet SEO standards that can allow one to manage new pages, on-page copywriting and other contact forms. Once the website fails to have robust contents, it may suffer not well on Search Engine Result Pages.

Online Support/Documentation:

Although, every platform offers tickets, chat and email support options. However, the one you are going to select must have detailed documentations that can meet your own likings.


Best ecommerce platforms are those which can provide all-in-one options that equally beneficiate the business owners and consumers. Most of Dubai ecommerce solutions providers deliver a ground-breaking idea as the required ecommerce platform. Such delivery is usually performed once the owners look for extreme performance and less maintenance cost.

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How To Choose The Best Website Design Company?

May 26, 2017

Different companies do offer their services for working with clients and help them fulfil their designing needs. Amongst them, good and bad exist as well. Clients are encouraged to evaluate a range of companies and their expertise level to employee the best designer who can understand his business goals and make the required design he exactly want. 

How To Choose The Best Website Design Company

The difference between good and bad designer:

The main difference between good and bad designer is that good designer first understand the requirements of clients and then implement his tools for actual process. On the other hand, bad designers instantly launch a full-scale production without ensuring what they are doing is valid or not.

Speciality of designing companies:

UAE is a well-known business hub where every type of professionals exists related to different industries. The speciality of experienced designers working in different companies focusing on website design Dubai is better evaluated from their designing approach.

Decent designers precede the designing process with an effective methodology in which they can efficiently deal the client requirements and present what they really want. Clients can calculate the expertise level of a designer with his designing approach. The main focus of a best designing methodology includes:

Website Design Dubai


Once designer understand the whole of his client’s needs, he perform a thorough research on the latest designing needs for those specific requirements. These efforts identify the essential fillings that must be included in a website to incorporate value for the client and the products and services he offers.


All of the exposed information that they discover are used in the design phase for additional discovery. The main outcome of design phase includes colour arrangement, images setup, featured lists, site diagram and straight forward content.

Additionally, wireframes and mock-ups are recognized that focus on positioning the website items and physical appearance of it using real colours, images, shading, font colour and size specification respectively. Mock-up is also focusing on producing the graphic elements on a website.

Do It:

In do it stage, designers along with developers focus on actual site creating and coding up. They stay on creating operative and complete website. As they have already understood the whole of his client’s needs, he no more requires talking with the client to ask for additional suggestions.

The Final Word:

In order to gauge a best out of better designing company, clients are encouraged to focus on the expertise level a firm do possess. Most of the companies particularly working for web design Dubai are having their specific strategy that mainly focuses on client requirements in the designing phase.

Once needs and requirements are identified, they can efficiently discover things that make the final product extremely valuable both for clients and consumers.

How To Find The Right Mobile App Developers

May 4, 2017

Finding the right service provider and specialist in promising markets of Dubai that are backed with strong and highly poised competitive trends may become a difficult task for one as a business owner.

One will have to be vigilant and the selection process adopted by one must be flawless. Despite the fact that Dubai markets are rich in resources and skills, one may still have fair chances of making blunders by making wrong selections.

Mobile App Development Dubai

Therefore, the idea would be to carry out this task of skill hunting in a perfect passion. I have stated some very basic steps that will enable one to get hands on the right mobile app development Dubai based company within no time and with minimum of efforts being applied:

  • Draft  your needs first in a clean and easy to understand manner
  • Make sure you are well aware of your business nature, target markets and target audience
  • Do some price shopping online, i.e. compare both local and international service providers’ tariff for your intended product or service.
  • Do not panic, give it a day or two extra if required. This time spent by you today will help you avoided delays of weeks and months in the operations that may take place just because your initial selection process went wrong. So, do not put your business future at stake by panicking.
  • Meet the shortlisted service providers in Dubai and check their physical presence, logical views by listening carefully to the solutions that are being suggested or proposed by them.
  • Check their repute levels using the GOOGLEY way, Make Google your best friend while carrying out this critical task.
  • Ask the vendors for some of their existing and previous client contacts, those who are confident will not hesitate to share them with you, if you get hands on a couple of contact details, consider yourself lucky and get in touch with them immediately to know what their views are like.
  • Ask the shortlisted service providers about ongoing and previous projects, see their design and coding quality, check those apps and their functionality, you must act like a feeler, i.e. be in the boots of your target audience.

If you will follow all the above steps while hunting for the right mobile app development Dubai based vendor, you definitely will feel vigilant and the end results will be in line with your objectives.

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What Are The Most Valuable Innovations For 2017 To Watch?

April 29, 2017

Innovations in the Web Industry:

In speedy, fast and swift changes along with development innovations point of view, 2017 is in progress with dramatic offers to the designing industry. With a striking pace, all of the revolutions in this industry are coming and going and what they left for us stay surprising.

Not only surprise stays the impression of such innovations. What mostly remain in focus as the result of those latest trends is the constant expansion of the possibilities and its boundaries. Thanks to those all which are shaping the web development future for us.

Web Designing Companies in Dubai

Predictions and innovations are moving forward side by side. Web designing companies in Dubai and a few other developed countries believe some amazing innovations that are imposing limitations for the industry and are expected to be possible soon.

Increase Demand for Minimalism:

Focusing on contents to be adopted by every size of screen, it is expected that web design industry will start again from the basics with quality over quantity methodology introducing short and clean designs. Using this methodology, organizations are expected to feature out information’s that are crucial to them.

Responsive Designing Growth:

We have been observed website designs that are auto adjusted to every screen size. According to Google, these websites are ranking higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). This fact is the boosting agent for responsive designs to be implemented in a wide range.

Responsive Designing Growth

Innovations in Scrolling:

Parallax scrolling is the next feature that is going to be presented with a much wider innovations like 3D effects for storytelling effectiveness, ease in navigation and boosting user’s engagements with responsive websites. The credit of these all is going to scrolling creativity.

Reactive Browsing:

As device specific approachable designs were mostly observed in the start of 2017, however, the end is going to be something far more improved. Age-responsive designs using approach that is specific to audience interest will present font, colour, navigation and content depending on the user age.

Original Photography:

It is predicted that dramatic upsurge possible in visual authenticity this year. High quality and modified photography is expected to be featured by sites that will possibly ensure innovative, matchless and optically different web contents.

The Final Word:

For web development industry, these creative innovations are not only limited to, let’s say, web designing companies in Dubai or development firms around the world that are demanding for these all. The scope of design industry is expanding time by time while presenting offers that were just imaginations far earlier in the past.

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Consider These Pre Designing Steps Of Web Development

April 16, 2017

Making a site that is professional and well-designed is a milestone achieved for a business or any organization. But one thing that experts heavily emphasize is that always design a site that your visitors, customers or common public likes, especially for e-commerce sites.

Below are the tips for designing a site that can help you in most of the aspects and will make your task a lot easier if you are making a site for the first time.

Web Development Company Dubai

What you got for the customers:-

Experts say that new sites always focus and highlight on what they do and what they offer as a business on behalf of their owners. But the main thing the customers are looking for is what benefit they can get from a specific business or service provider.

Owners must tell the customers how they can benefit from the business. Web development company Dubai tells this can only be possible when you read the content on the site as a visitor or a neutral person.

Find the best match:-

If you are in search of a designer to come up a with site for your business then you got to choose someone who fits in well with the way you are trying your site to be developed.

The best way to achieve this is to go through specific sites that you like and see who was behind the designing of these sites.

Discuss what you want:-

Now that you got the names what you must do is to look at their other work and projects and you can also ask for the references with which they have worked previously. You can also discuss your idea and you want it to be and also get the designers feedback.

Project size must be considered:-

Keep in mind you project’s scale. You might like some sites but they might not have all the elements you would like for your site. Actual design elements and scale element must be figured out before the commencement.

Don’t opt for a designer who has worked with huge brands and has made sites with a lot of pages if your project is small and doesn’t demand a lot of pages.

Let them contact you:-

Contact information must be included whether it’s a small or large project. An email address, social accounts, quick message option, phone number must be provided. The more ways to contact you the more the customers will feel at ease.

Make a decision on growth:-

Before you choose a low cost platform to design your site make sure to think whether you plan to grow your business or not. Names like Wix and Squarespace are great if you have planned to remain low as they don’t provide vast features.

But, if your business has grown then the process of transferring all the content of the site to a new host can be a daunting task, but firms like web development company Dubai has got us all covered. This option of transferring from host to another is done easily and without fuss.

Feel The Heat With These Hottest Web Design Trends

April 4, 2017

Things are already in the top gear when one as an entrepreneur looks at the world of business online. Just hit the search tab on any major search engine and you will come across fabulous and appealing website designs, all unique in their own ways.

In highly dynamic markets like Dubai, the demand for a website that has got supreme and chic looks plus is backed with simple and easy navigation is all what one needs to correspond with the users successfully.

Web Design Dubai

Experts operating in the web design Dubai industry seems to have read the script  well, therefore one you get in touch with them, they will ensure that you are provided with a solution that is lasting and affordable in nature.

Following are some hot trends that will fill your mouth with water and you definitely will make sure to check your website for all the below mentioned ingredients:

Color – You always have been deeply in love with colors, but you will need to understand this fact that you cannot use each and every color. Make a selection that is appealing. Use the formula of 2 or 3 colours maximum.

Modern Retro – Whether you are keen on using pixel art, vintage typography, an image with inspiration from the 80’s or 90’s, you may consider the modern twist of retro because that may do wonders for you.

Cinema graphs – Images or photos that are still in nature with elements are cinemagraphs. Experts have observed great gain in their popularity and this course may continue through 2017 and beyond.

Material Design – It has been around since 2014 since the day Google has introduced it. Based on the ideology of paper and ink, elaborating the features of these two into digital format. The future for it is quite promising.

The magic of bold typography – Try it to believe it, it definitely will add value to the visualization of your website.

Modular Design – It is also has been around for a couple of years now. It is gaining in momentum and popularity with its design approach where modular and block grid patterns are used for the elements layout purpose.

SVGs – if tired of logo image resizing, one should try out SVG files instead of the conventional PNG or JPG types. Though SVG may not suit all images because they work with vector but with logos they work brilliant.

Flexbox – A CSS3 mode for layout that enables one to efficient website layouts and makes them compatible with different screen sizes and devices.

Virtual Reality and 360 Video – 2017 is the year that is believed to be the initiator where experts will work on embedding 360 videos in websites. Virtual reality already making strong impact since 2016.

Micro-interactions– Any action by users on a website, like sharing, liking, posting. The core idea associated with micro-interaction is to provide user with stunning user experience.

Closing down things:

The web design Dubai based industry is on the go, it is shaping up fast; one may find it easy to include or exclude things according to the business nature based on the information shared above. 

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