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What Makes Your Brand Unique?

KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is red and white, Mc Donald’s is red and yellow, and Walmart is blue and yellow. Companies and brands present themselves to customers, manufacturers, suppliers, investors and employees in a certain way. It is upon the corporate to build up a unique identity of itself through which people can identify them.

Corporate Identity Dubai

It is about the integrated choice of colors, font style and font size used in design of company logo, title and associated material that relates to the company in one way or another. Say, for example, the workers at KFC would be dressed in red uniform so that they can be identified by the customers, managers and all other stakeholders. It gives that great impression of trademark style and “belonging”. If another person dressed in red shirt walks inside the KFC restaurant, the viewers and a passerby would still be able to distinguish in between the workers and the guy. It is because, there are logos and a uniformity is maintained in the uniform design of each worker. So, there is no second opinion on whether the person who walked in is a worker or a customer.

In the similar fashion, the websites of the company can be distinguished. When you first time, try to open up a website of your favorite company from the list of search results, you would easily be able to know whether the page you got linked to is really the company website or a fake.

The visual identity cannot be copied completely. There is more to the website than just the color combinations. Companies and brands incorporate strategies to devise their unique identity.

With a number of brands and companies in Dubai, the choice of colors can often coincide. When getting your corporate website made, you would need to approach the corporate identity Dubai company that follows best practice principles in designing your company website. 

The best practice principles are important to your brand’s identity strategy. So, what is it that would let the consumers know whether they are on the right page or not?

The customer would be able to know whether he/she is on the right page if your website design incorporates all the relevant options that you expect to find. There would be no falter in the design of the logo, titles, picture of products and language being used. It would give you the same vibes online that you could have found in the store. It would stand apart like the way it is meant to. It would have that meaningfulness and that esteem that is unique to it.

A strong corporate identity Dubai would address the exact market niche and there would be no confusion by trying to sell a multitude of products. There would be no ambiguity over type of services they are offering and to whom they are offering.

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