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Optimizing PDFs For SEO; Have You Done It Before!

While operating in aggressive markets like Dubai, you must remember the fact that every little effort that will be dealt by you in a comprehensive manner will pay you back in the long run and in lasting manner. I always am of the view that we shall not throw everything on the search engine optimization services provider. Being entrepreneurs we can get most of the things rights at our end too, or at least we can work in a close collaboration with the SEO company Dubai based that may have been hired by us, to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

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Most of the marketers seem to overlook this critical fact that may do wonders for them if utilized adequately. Yes I am talking about the role that may be played by PDF files. We all know that PDF files allow one to place backlinks in the form of text which could be something like “for further information”, “click here to read more”, more backlinks if the actual content is placed online and is owned by you, means you are the original author of that document. Sending links to intended, associated pages is a preferable to be landed on homepage.

Meta Data:

Again many may overlook this part, simply because most of them may not be aware of the fact that even PDF files have metadata as well. One can add title to them, authors, subjects and Meta keywords to these files in order to ensure that their relevancy can be amplified and brought in closer connection with one’s website, key subject and keywords.

In case one fails to provide Meta Data, Google creates a default Meta data based on more than one features or factors associated with the PDF files uploaded by you. The chances of irrelevancy of the data added by Google will always be on the higher side, because no one else knows best about your documents than you yourself.

Unique Content:

Don’t rely on same manufacturers technology sheets that are used by others competing with your business, as that will take you nowhere in major search engines like Google, due to the duplicate content.

Come up with something new by adding your own spin to the data or information that is more relevant to your business and target audience with unique and fresh content. Users will be more likely to read and share it; this will amplify the chances of Google ranking it high.

Community Engagement:

You can connect your PDF file to queries for the related information within your niche on the online communities and platforms. If a user is enquiring about your products and services, you can be rest assured that more will come your way soon with the passage of time.  This will definitely augment the number of backlinks and will stamp your authority in the world of online competition. You must not forget to keep an eye on social media networks for likely places where you may be placing your document for sharing.

Videos, audios, images, PDFs and power point files; how many of you were doing the above mentioned practices while sharing these files? I know the answer I am sure many of you will be clueless, therefore I reckon that one must not outsource their SEO tasks to everyone or anyone, one must look for a professional SEO Company Dubai that know how to cap that gaps associated with these minor issues that can make major differences.

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