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Optimize Your Website Design To Get A Competitive Advantage

There was a time when people used to have little access to the Internet. However, the time has changed, and so the facilities are improved. Presently, people rely on the internet to remain up-to-date and take reviews from social media. 


Therefore, when it comes to your presence in the cyber world, the website is the first things to be established and maintained professionally. However, you need to put effort to make your website layout and design optimized to ensure business advantage.

You must be thinking that how website appearance helps in boosting business? Let’s understand it first.

The Importance of Website Design

It might be hard for a few people to understand that what is the role of design in generating business when it comes to the website? The reason behind such a perception is the concept that functionality is all in all for business presence in the virtual world.

The significance of an optimized website for business is realized by professional web design Dubai companies because higher consciousness has been observed in the production of compact and user-friendly web interfaces in UAE and globally.

According to Forrester, conversion rate can be increased by 200 -400 per cent with a well-designed graphical user interface of the website. Not only this, companies can get $100 return by investing to augment user experience through their business website.

How to Optimize Website Design Responsively

No doubt, there are numerous factors which lead to ultimate success in the business world by getting an online presence. But, the most important is to get an optimized design for your website. Therefore, you must consider the essential elements of web designing to ensure business promotion.


Although digital footprint takes considerable time and money, investing in a growth-driven website has a substantial impact on profitability. To ensure effective utilization of investment, you must consider the following elements:

1. Web Appearance and Layout

It will not be wrong to state that the first impression is the last when you talk about the business website. Therefore, the first and foremost quality of the website is elegance and attraction. Your site must exhibit brand uniformity to promote business and improve the user experience.

The essential elements of website layout include the homepage, sidebars, navigation menu, pages and sections. Generally, a well-designed website homepage has a logo, a large homepage slider or animation, business headline, introductory overview, additional parts and footer at the end of every page. So, it should be comprehensive, clean, attractive and professional.


Nevertheless, the first appearance of the website on the client’s browser indicates that how much effort has been put on the part of web design. It is because homepage is considered as the qualifier or disqualifier for the business generation and all credit goes to the designers and developers of the website.

Quick Tips to Optimize Web Homepage

It is imperative to understand that website homepage design is the billboard of your business.  Consider the following things to improve website responsiveness.

  • Your business website must have a logo, and it is suggested to place it to the left.
  • Hero shot is the large-sized slider or image used on the front page.  It plays a role of the gatekeeper as people have to go through it and then move to the next section. Make it relevant and ask people to analyze it critically to improve the content.
  • Create a clear, comprehensive and self-explanatory headline of your business nature or operations and paste it on the homepage.
  • Add social proof to your website using the white pages, press releases, testimonials, awards, clients’ logos
  • Improve your website visibility using the blog posts linked to the homepage. Add feature posts, business stories, and social corporate responsibility news
  • Create footer with sections and add social icons, contact form, address maps, and posts’ comments.
  • Last but not least, your homepage must offer something to your visitors in terms of rewards. So, ask them to perform any activity (Call of action), and in return, they can get something for free or at a discount.

2. Graphics and Visual Elements

It goes without a doubt that the world is a box of crayons and the internet as a rainbow. It goes without doubt that brand color has a significant impact on the profit generation as it drives customers’ mood. So, be careful when you are selecting the primary and secondary color of your website.


Quick Tips to Improve Website Graphics

  • Make a comprehensive plan for the selection of the color which is aligned with your business nature
  • Create a balanced design with a blend of videos, images and other visual elements.
  • Observe coherence and consistency in your design in order to avoid diverse color schemes.
  • Don’t use extremely flashy visual elements because it can irritate or distract the customers.
  • Always give a proper caption to your image used on the website and embed your business keywords in Alt Text.
  • Try to use bright images as blur pictures and graphics works as an automatic turn-off for the visitors for the first time.
  • Last but not least, the use of graphics has a considerable impact on the loading time. According to the general estimation, people wait for a maximum of 20 seconds to wait for the website to get loaded before leaving. So, make sure that your total site size should not be more than 50KB.

3. Usability and Navigation

Navigation is an essential component of your website.  It plays the role of a map to all the linked pages and sections. Therefore, a clear and well-defined way of accessing information can be profoundly helpful in website conversions.


Many premium web design service providers in Dubai ensure that the design and usage of navigation provoke definite impression of the website. So, they perform rapid assessments and eye blink tests to improve the website navigation process for the users.

Although one-page website designs are getting popularity among the people, it is a common practice to add internal links and pages to the navigation bars or menu.

You have seen many examples of menu bars including the vertical menu. Navigation is actually a function of usability as it gives an entrance point to the visitors. Therefore, navigation should offer easy entry and smooth exit by making it a knowledgeable experience for the visitors.

Quick Tips to Improve Website Navigation

  • First of all, you have a clear understanding of how you are going to organize the information on the website. Don’t forget to do detailed paperwork before designing the site.
  • Remember that less is more because the overloaded menu can confuse or overwhelm the visitors.
  • Be description and label the menu items in a simple and understandable manner.
  • It is not suggested to use the Hamburger menu even it is famous. It’s because these menu styles are suitable for smart devices but not for computers and laptops.
  • Design the work of conventions comprehensively that event converting your website into some other language may not impact the understanding and navigation patterns.
  • You must divide your navigation bars into the main menu and submenus to make it look appealing and understandable.

Final Thought

In this era of digitalization, many business organizations have already realized the importance of having a responsive website. However, you must understand the fact that the optimized design of the site is just like a well-organized and purposefully written book. Such a book or website enables the users to access their desired information without any difficulty.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to have an optimized user experience without the help of professional web design companies Dubai. It is owing to the reason that only a well-experienced and professionally sound service provider delivers growth-driven websites.

Never forget to get a comprehensive website properly optimized and responsive to create a long lasting user experience. An impression on which the potential customers can rely!

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