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Typography And Website Design Made For Each Other


Flatter designs became further flatter after their re-birth back in 2014-15. This makeshift can be classified as the core resource for deriving the attention of experts further toward elements like typography and minimalism in the modern trends for website designing.

Today, one may come across five very common and highly used typography trends, such as:

  1. Artistic Fonts
  2. Images with superimposed typography
  3. Typefaces that are creatively used but by keeping the simplicity intact.
  4. Custom typefaces
  5. Extreme variation in size, i.e. it can be too big or too small depending on the design type.

Although one may in most cases find out that all the styles stated above are actually not utilized in lone passion, i.e. the trends utilised more in a combined passion.

What are the trends for Dubai Website Design like?

Situation here in UAE markets is not different. The developed and highly demanding nature helps it to secure a dominating position all the time.

Moving further and focus more on typographies in a continued passion, things are more of less the same here in UAE.

Extreme size:

  • One can control the influence level with ease with the help of font sizes. Trends today are for the most part floating around extreme sizes, i.e. both small and large.

Large Fonts:

They help in creating an assertive and powerful environment when it comes to broadcast the message in a unique and appealing passion.

Trends followed and associated with larger typographies float around the following guidelines:

  • Fonts that are larger than 85 Pixels
  • Extremely think strokes are applied or usually Caps (capital letters)
  • Weight and other associated elements are further focused when compared to other screen elements.

Professional web development Dubai-oriented solution providers focuses on all the above approaches very closely. Other types that are considered by them are:

  • Smaller fonts
  • Superimposed with images
  • Smart and appealing utilization of plain typefaces
  • Typefaces that custom in nature
  • Fonts that are artistic

To make the most out of all the efforts made by them, they apply unique combining techniques, so that the images and typefaces used by them can easily correspond with each other. This approach helps them in broadcasting a strong message about all the products and services that are offered on one’s website.

Final Words:

Web developers and designers today work in a close collaboration in order to ensure that they are on the same page when it comes to the intended ultimate results. The success however lies in efforts made by one as an entrepreneur while hunting for the right and proficient solution providers in the said domains.

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