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Benefits Due To Which Ruby On Rails Is Soaring Above Other Languages

The current times of technology are filled with new and latest inventions every day. One field that is advancing more than ever is the field of programming and software. Every day we hear and read about new programming languages being invented to aid the programmers in simplifying their work.

Ruby On Rails Dubai

Ups and downs:-


One of these languages that have really faced ups and downs since it was invented is RoR programming language. When this language first came to the scene way back in 2004 it was unsuccessful to gain a popular ranking amongst other languages.

Surge to the top:-

Two years later a market leader Apple Inc decided to use it in their Mac OS X v10.5 system which resulted in a huge success to this language and it became known to everyone in the industry. The popularity of this language increased so much that Tiobe (programming community index) named ruby on rails Dubai as the top programming language of the year 2006.

Stumbled again:-

After soaring to the top it came down again considerably, due to the reasons of scalability and with inventions of other tools like Node.js. In 2008 its popularity was down again.

Programmer friendly:-

But from 2015 this language started becoming famous again because more companies were showing interest in it and declared it as a programmer friendly platform to design applications and software. In 2016 it reached its best ranking of all time. RoR is here to stay.

Top benefits:-

  • This language supports all the top and reliable databases in the market which include SQL server, SQL, oracle, postgreSQL, MySQL, DB2 and others.
  • An important feature that it provides is the scaffolding. Scaffolding enables the automatic construction of models that are required for a website.
  • It helps in retaining the quality of web applications and with that also provides easy solution for development
  • Because it is built on the MVC architecture so it grants uncomplicated maintenance and management of all web applications.
  • The uncomplicated nature and coding enables this programming language for quick and fast development of applications.

Main advantage:-

Programmers and web developers understand that the time available in making changes in the codes and then observing it on the website is very little. Ruby on rails Dubai is fast as compared to others as it helps the developers in making potent and reliable applications taking very little time; due to this specific reason this advanced programming language possesses advantage over other languages.

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