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How To Develop User-Friendly Website?

Visibility is an important factor that helps to generate more business. It is the reason that organization pays attention to get their business website developed professionally. 

However, usability is a critical factor for success. Websites’ performance can be increased significantly in order to achieve success in business. Unfortunately, this factor is always overlooked or ignored at the time of designing and developing websites.

Essential Characteristics of Optimized Websites

It’s important to note that for success, the website should not only look interactive but it should also offer unified user experience. So, the prime objective of the web development company Dubai is to make websites easy to access and good in usability.

If you are going to get a website in the near future or already have a site, it is important to note that poorly developed website hurts the business more a website must contain the following characteristics:

Smart Device Compatibility

The use of smart devices has become very frequent with the passage of time. Therefore, website usability can be improved by making it compatible with mobile phones.

If you already have a website, the first step is to check for its appearance on smart display screens. It will help you to understand the areas of improvement. Further, you can hire professional web developers to get the required modification to make mobile-friendly website.

Accessibility Options

Many people access websites in order to get informed about something. They belong to various categories starting from naïve to experts.

A website is termed as user-friendly based on the ease of accessibility for all type of visitors. It is, therefore, imperative to take care of the users with a disability or visual constraints.

The design and navigation should be self-explanatory to make it accessible effectively.

Well Planned presentation of Information

The chief objective of having a website designed by professionally experienced web development company is information presentation. So, the feature should not be neglected at any cost.

It is vital to make a simple and understandable arrangement of information on the website. Categories or menu should be planned to present website content interactively.

Optimized Loading Time

You will endorse it that nothing is more irritating than delayed website loading. People usually, move to the next website when it takes too long to wait for a page load.

According to the latest survey, people tend to visit only those websites which load in 3-5 seconds.

Not only this, it is inversely proportional to search engine ranking. It means that a website takes higher time to load, ranked lower in SERP.

It is imperative to enhance the user experience by minimizing the web page load time.

Browser Stability

Browser compatibility is a thing ignored by many website developers. However, it’s a factor that decides the fate of websites generally.

Most of the business websites suffer from compatibility issues destroying the image of their brands. Many new versions of browsers have evolved over the time making the websites browser independent. But browser compatibility is a must for success.

Therefore, make sure that your website loads pretty well on major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Navigate Efficiently

Another vital aspect of user-friendly is efficient navigation. It is suggested to use simple JavaScript or HTML menu because of better browser compatibility.

Further, the menu should be clutter-free. It is important to use a minimum number of menu items to enhance simplicity. Good navigation includes the following features:

  • Easy to the search tab
  • Custom pages for 404 errors
  • Strong internal page linking
  • Compact header and footer information sections

Last but not least, error handling is a factor which can keep the visitors or disappoint them. Therefore, pay attention to eliminate error in page loading, information search, and other features.

Final Thought

An optimized or user-friendly website adheres to appropriate design and the best practices of standards for information display.

It is owing to the reason that a website is not only intended to display information but to present the brands. understands the value of a user-friendly website for your business and offer the best practices relevant to the modern standards. 

Remember! Usability of the website is crucial to the success of your business. Don’t forget to consider the given characteristics while getting your business website or personal portfolio developed. It is better to mark-up standards than troubleshooting website issues.

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