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Let’s Have A Look At What Happened, When And How?

It all started back in 1969 when the Internet was born, however nothing can be compared to a website. Even after its birth, the Internet was not as dynamic as it became after it got some attention and involvement. Different ideas were integrated to it and things started to escalate slowly and gradually.

Twenty years later, back in 1989 world’s first ever website was launched. Things then were still blurred and no one had the slightest of idea as where this field associated with technology is heading to. Big names like Yahoo, Netscape and Amazon hit the world online in the year 1994 and the ‘at’ sign ‘@’ became a major source of confusion amid many newscasters back in those days.

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There were not many web development companies in Dubai at time and the very few ones that were operating were not highly skilled. Besides the industry itself was in its early stages and was learning how to grow. In 1997, website number 1000,000th website was launched and a famous magazine of that time announces a message ‘Welcome to the Wired World’. Mega boom was noticed for Dot-com domains back in the year 2000, furthermore PHP’s 4.0 version was released in the same year and this language was the first one that was built with the core purpose of focusing exclusive one website development.

Google faced serious competition back in 2001 when claimed more traffic and left Google behind in the race for more number of visitors. Apart from that Drupal version 1.0 was released in the same year. In 2002, Wi-Fi technology goes mainstream while in the year 2004 Web 2.0 was launched and that allowed internet to turn into a two-way channel, businesses demanded tools and applications that could allow them in maintaining their sites, however most of the tasks were carried out with the help of live servers and file transfer protocols (FTP).

The world online became further dynamic in 2007 when Smartphone (iPhone 1) was launched. Local development tools for example MAMP were applied and that was classified as a first step in the direction of setting developers free from the breathtaking task of server management. In 2009, cloud computing shoots off. is launched and developers have to go through the stress and complications of fragmented environments. In 2010, ‘DevOps’ turned into a household term. Developers take a sigh of relief as Drupal project transitions to GIT.

In 2012, Pantheon plays a game changing role when it comes to the deployment in the Cloud, Dev and test, live became a routine practice and was treated as a set standard. Focus however, never shifted from advancement in the domain of web development strategies. Today web development companies in Dubai and world over are blessed with high end solutions at very affordable rates so as to cater to all your business and personal websites. 

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