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Mobile Web Solutions Dubai; Myth Vs. Reality!


The shifts in the world of mobile internet has opened the ways for evolutions and changed the entire approach and ways in which visitors actually are viewing one’s business website. To start with, you will need to consider the very common yet highly critical question that is heard in the modern world of online businesses i.e. is your website responsive in nature, or to make things simpler you may also hear this question in this way; is your website mobile friendly?

Web Solution Dubai

Operators performing actively in this domain in some of the highly poised markets of UAE like Dubai are keen to provide web solutions Dubai oriented practices that are smart enough to cover the needs associated with the online presence of a business from all angles.

A Myth vs. Reality:

  • I own a website: It works on my or anyone’s Smartphones, all they need to do is to zoom in, scroll sideways and find the desired areas or things. You can classify it as mobile friendly simply because it works on smartphones.

This is where many people get things wrong and in a confused passion and as a result it costs their business, clientele and any other associated stakeholders, who may start looking for alternative options.

  • Numbers Don’t Lie; 10 Seconds: Many website owners do not even know the minimum time that they need to engage their visitors before the move out of their website. The website should be multiple devices friendly so that customers can be engaged at least for 10 seconds as this will kill the threat of bounce rate.  Around 46% of visitors are those who will exit your website from the first page.

Such metrics can be improved with the help of expert web solutions Dubai approaches and implementing adequate and relevant mobile web design techniques.

The Closing Lines:

The choices and options out there are way too many, things may not be within one’s reach if one is not blessed with a perfect solution provider in the said domain, therefore, one must ensure a strong backup so as to be able to claim that his/her website too is among the best when it comes to cross browser compatibility and proper functionality on different smart devices that are used today.

Moving on with a casual approach and overlooking such significant factors may not help the cause and one may find it hard to go the distance and progress in the business world satisfactorily. 

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